The Resident Chef – Auntie Mei Ling

Chef Mei Ling’s (affectionately known to locals as ‘Auntie Mei Ling’) culinary biography had very humble beginnings she had to take care of her younger siblings’ meals, and the meals of her own family later on in her life.

Soon, friends asked her to share her methods and she discovered her passion when imparting knowledge and skills to others, her means to inspire within the classroom and kitchen. She did not know it then but this would decidedly become her life’s calling and achievement.

Her culinary adventures have led her to build up extensive experience instructing and introducing expatriates to both local and Southeast Asian cuisines, starting F&B businesses and assisting in food preparation for private functions and events. Her local specialties include the quintessential Singapore Chicken Rice, to die for Singapore Laksa and the ever-popular Chili Crab, just to name a few.

Although Chef Mei Ling has yet to learn how to ride a bicycle (Shhh…), she will still be able to entertain you with plenty of funny stories and friendly banter in between conducting the cooking lessons for participants at all skill levels. She will always remind you that there is no “one way” for cooking a dish but to have plenty of fun doing it “your way”.

Her favourite quote comes from her beloved mother:

“Every day is your birthday when you are happy doing whatever you are doing”